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Music & Lyrics by Dylan Glatthorn

Book & Lyrics by Will Lacker

THE PELICAN. A new musical set in a near-future Florida where hurricanes, rising sea levels, and an overall warming of the globe have reduced a once-bustling coastal town to a few square miles of precious dry land.

Most of the former residents have fled, seeking an easier way of life that isn’t lived at the whim of a dangerous and unpredictable environment. Our characters live amongst sunken houses, washed-out stores, and the other bones that remain of the modern world.

One of the few buildings still standing on this patch of land is The Pelican, a dive bar that has now become the epicenter of the town. The bar’s owners and regulars are a handful of people as colorful as a Florida man’s farmer tan.

Across the bay from The Pelican looms a brand new “corporate city”—where residents are promised stability and security in exchange for shiny, prefabricated lives, corporate servitude, and restricted liberties. When a new category of hurricane threatens The Pelican, the people of the town are forced to make a life-altering decision: leave and sacrifice the lives they know for safety, or stay and try to keep their town alive.


Music & Lyrics by Dylan Glatthorn

Book by Will Lacker

EDISON is a new musical that explores the darker side of Thomas Edison’s life — his successes, his failures, his loves, and his losses. This is no old man tinkering in his lab; this is a driven, young inventor willing to do anything for success.


Preston Truman Boyd (Sunset Blvd, Les Misérables)
Michelle Dowdy (Les Misérables, Hairspray)
Adam Chanler-Berat (Amelie, Peter and the Starcatcher)
Blaine Krauss (Hamilton, The Great Comet, The Lion King)
Mitchell Walker (1776, Of Thee I Sing)
Tommy J Dose (2017 & 2016 MAC Award Winner)

A Short Musical in One Act

Music & Lyrics by Dylan Glatthorn
Book & Lyrics by Will Lacker

On the last night of the universe, two strangers, Carol and Doug, meet by chance on a hilltop in the woods. As the stars go out and the minutes countdown, the two struggle with their fates and the different choices that have led them to this end.

Carol.......A headstrong astrophysicist
Doug.......An office worker having an existential crisis


TIME: The last night of the universe
PLACE: A hilltop in the woods

A 10-Minute Musical

***licensing available through MTI***

Music & Lyrics by Dylan Glatthorn

Book by Will Lacker

Two struggling songwriters live in the same apartment decades apart. In one magical night, their voices connect through time and they begin a collaboration that leaves them forever changed.

MAN: Aspiring composer/lyricist living in the 1950s.
WOMAN: Aspiring composer/lyricist living in present day.

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