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Music & Lyrics by Dylan Glatthorn

Book & Lyrics by Will Lacker

THE PELICAN. A new musical set in a near-future Florida where hurricanes, rising sea levels, and an overall warming of the globe have reduced a once-bustling coastal town to a few square miles of precious dry land.

Most of the former residents have fled, seeking an easier way of life that isn’t lived at the whim of a dangerous and unpredictable environment. Our characters live amongst sunken houses, washed-out stores, and the other bones that remain of the modern world.

One of the few buildings still standing on this patch of land is The Pelican, a dive bar that has now become the epicenter of the town. The bar’s owners and regulars are a handful of people as colorful as a Florida man’s farmer tan.

Across the bay from The Pelican looms a brand new “corporate city”—where residents are promised stability and security in exchange for shiny, prefabricated lives, corporate servitude, and restricted liberties. When a new category of hurricane threatens The Pelican, the people of the town are forced to make a life-altering decision: leave and sacrifice the lives they know for safety, or stay and try to keep their town alive.


Music & Lyrics by Dylan Glatthorn

Book by Will Lacker

EDISON is a new musical that explores the darker side of Thomas Edison’s life — his successes, his failures, his loves, and his losses. This is no old man tinkering in his lab; this is a driven, young inventor willing to do anything for success.


Preston Truman Boyd (Sunset Blvd, Les Misérables)
Michelle Dowdy (Les Misérables, Hairspray)
Adam Chanler-Berat (Amelie, Peter and the Starcatcher)
Blaine Krauss (Hamilton, The Great Comet, The Lion King)
Mitchell Walker (1776, Of Thee I Sing)
Tommy J Dose (2017 & 2016 MAC Award Winner)

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