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Saturday, January 26 at 8pm Sunday, January 27 at 4pm

Credit C. Stanley

Orange Grove Dance, under the direction of Colette Krogol and Matt Reeves, transforms the stage with its trademark virtuosic athleticism and evocative multimedia design. Waking Darkness. Waiting Light. uses sophisticated sensor technology and digital-media interaction to explore the nature of recurring dreams that tear through our homes, awakening us from sleep.

“These dreams are the bridge to the stories that we have been told since we were young and the places we’ve still never touched.”

Based on mythopoetic research into personal dreams and stories of one family’s migration from Cuba in 1980, Orange Grove Dance opens up new dialogues on timely themes such as migration, exodus, and transformation. An excerpt of this work won the Audience Choice Award at the 34th Annual Choreographers’ Showcase in 2017 and was described by Dance Metro DC as a “magically spun… visual tale of suspension, tension, and community within a multilayered moving painting.”

Original score and sound design by Dylan Glatthorn and Jeff Dorfman.

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