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The Pelican Wins NAMT Frank Young Fund for New Musicals 2020-2021

Original Artwork by Kati Lacker

The Pelican, a new original musical being written by Dylan Glatthorn & Will Lacker has won the Frank Young Writers Residency Grant. Through the Frank Young Fund for New Musicals (formerly known as the National Fund for New Musicals), the National Alliance for Musical Theatre (NAMT) supports collaborations between member theatres and musical theatre writers.

NAMT’s Frank Young Fund provides grants to support new musicals at all stages of development, at theatres of all sizes, with the goal of bringing quality new musicals to audiences across the country. The Writers Residency Grant in particular supports the collaboration between producers and writers at a NAMT member theatre, at any phase of a musical’s development. Working with Theatre Now New York, expect to hear more about Dylan and Will's new work The Pelican soon!

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